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10 Reasons to Love Gigi and Max

Posted on by Kari Ogg 35 comments

10 reasons to love Gigi and Max! I love this shop. They have the CUTEST outfits!!

1// Quick turnaround time

Most of the products at Gigi and Max are ready to ship! So you don't need to wait long at all to receive your outfits! This is amazing. 

I am always impressed by how quickly our items are shipped. @wilson_hughesemilie

2// Sibling outfits 

Gigi and Max sells tons of sibling outfits. These are perfect for gifts, pregnancy announcements, and getting ready for a new baby! Also in the shop are many outfits that go together, but are not necessarily matching. 

I really appreciate the mix + match designs for siblings (in my case, twins). @livandlulu 

3// New releases 

Gigi and Max is constantly updating their inventory with new styles, patterns, and outfits. We love this because it keeps the shop fresh and new! You will never get bored shopping at Gigi and Max. Make sure to constantly check back for new releases. And definitely follow @gigiandmax on instagram to stay in the loop! 

My favorite thing about Gigi and max is the new releases just keep coming! @taramoon

4// High quality 

Every product from Gigi and Max is made with extremely high quality fabrics. In addition, every item is carefully handmade with a great attention to detail. The clothes you buy will last a long time! 

Amazing quality! @madison.mackenzie.twins

5// Perfect on-the-go outfit

When you buy a Gigi and Max romper, you are buying the perfect outfit. Rompers are so easy to take on and off and they are perfect when you are on-the-go. 

Gigi and Max is fun, fashionable, practical & my go-to item for my babes! Perfect on the go. @mamaandlittles

6// Amazing customer service

If you ever need help with ordering, sizing, or shipping, Kristin (the fabulous owner) will answer any questions! Whether you are asking a question on Instagram, Facebook or Etsy- I know you will get a timely response! 

I love the exceptional service you get when shopping small with Gigi and Max. @xanderandcompany

7// Gender neutral options

In Gigi and Max's shop you will find plenty of stylish, fashionable choices for both girls and boys. This is so refreshing, as most shops tailor towards one gender over the other. As stated earlier, Gigi and Max also is known for their sibling sets, which are again gender neutral!

Everything is so gender neutral! @taramoon 

8// Fashionable

Gigi and Max is always on trend with the latest styles and fashions for kids. They are constantly releasing new items and each one blows me away with how stylish every piece is! 

Such an easy outfit and it looks so cute. @wilson_hughesemilie

9// Variety

Another thing to love about Gigi and Max is the variety! Each new release is so unique and different. You really need to follow along on Instagram so you don't miss any releases! 

I love the variety!!

10// Community  

When you shop Gigi and Max, you become apart of a community! The Gigi and Max community loves shopping small + supporting handmade products. Join the Gigi and Max VIP group to hear about exclusive products, chat with other Gigi and Max fans, and vote on new items! 

Gigi and Max fans are the best! Everyone is so quick to support one another and form such a fun community. @gracefulmommy 

SHOP: Gigi and Max

FOLLOW ON: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube

USE CODE "LOVE" for 10% off of any Gigi and Max purchase


This post was written by Kari Ogg, creator of the mom blog



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