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How to Organize Your Baby's Closet

Posted on by Kari Ogg 1 comment

When we first moved into our new home, one of the projects we tackled was the closets. The closets had an old style wire system that made it hard to organize our daughters clothes. We decided to completely rip out the old closet system and install something much prettier and also much more effective!

How to organize baby's closet! Baby romper

How to organize baby's closet! Baby romper

How to organize baby's closet! Baby romper

Step one: Remove everything from closet, including wire racks, closet poles, and doors.

Step two: Buy 2 Kallax systems from IKEA. The shelving in the middle of Gracie's closet is actually 2 Kallax systems. The bottom one is the 6 shelf-style Kallax. On top of that we put the 4 shelf-style Kallax. This provides maximum shelf space! To further organize Gracie's closet, we bought the shelf baskets (in pink) from IKEA as well. These are $5 each!

How to organize baby's closet

How to organize baby's closet

Step three: Build the Kallax shelving units and place in closet. Put the square one on top and make sure to mount each shelving unit to the wall, as well as to each other. The shelves do come with mounting pieces!

Step four: Measure from one side of the Kallax shelf to the wall, as well as the other side to determine how long your closet poles need to be! We got our closet poles from Home Depot!

Step five: Install closet poles! We did two on one side and one on the other.

Step six: Fill baskets with books, toys, blankets, and towels.

Step seven: Style shelves with swaddle blankets, pacifiers in a cute container, color coordinated books, and stuffed animals.

How to organize baby's closet! Baby romper

Step eight: Hang up all of your GIGI AND MAX rompers! This is my favorite part of her closet! We have a dresser for most of Gracie's clothes, but I love to display her latest collection of her Gigi and Max rompers. So cute! Buy rompers here, and fill your closet with the latest fashion! 

How to organize baby's closet! Baby romper

This post was written by Kari Ogg, mom blogger at See more of her daughter on instagram @gracefulmommy 



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1 comment

  • Posted on by Jess bowman

    I love this …..perfe the ccloset right there ♡

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